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I’ve felt like this from time to time how about you?????


Art Therapy-Have You Tried It?

Some believe art therapy to be a good thing to do for self care!

I had a go at it, see what you think!

My husband tried to make something out of it!

Let me know if you see anything in it? Cause I didn’t even try!

Did it relax me?

Well it did make smile!!!!

Self Care When You Are An Introvert!

Yes I’m using birds again!!!!

Again there are 2 types of introverts!

The dove is easy going, so very adaptable! They want harmony in their lives and close relationships. The dove can be prone to procrastination!

For self care you need to take time out from people. I’ve used the term ‘peopled out’ before to express how I’m feeling. You may enjoy just ‘vegging’ out in silence, maybe not thinking of anything in particular.

Now there’s the owl! They are very deep thinkers, enjoy research, are loyal friends. The weakness for these people they can be prone to depression.

The owl likes time alone as well, however your mind is likely very active, maybe thinking of what you could do tomorrow.

Both the Dove and the Owl could benefit from time spent in nature or going for a solitary coffee at their favourite coffee shop.

An important thing to say here is that all of us are a combination of at least 2 different temperaments.

I am a mixture of the Dove and Owl, so I am a true introvert.

However, my husband is a Dove and Peacock, so he needs people around him but he is very easy going.

Can you work out your combination????

You can go to:>tests

Here you can answer a series of questions which help you discover yours.

So that’s it for today! Will talk again soon!

I Need a Plan For My Bad Days cont.

Sorry about the rant I had last week. Wanted to let you know I’m ok now!

I got through a very hectic but great long weekend with all my daughters and my gorgeous granddaughter! And of course my wonderful husband!!!!

Having said that I still need a plan for those bad times cause with PTSD they appear out of nowhere.

I have now written a list of things that help me and just have to look at the list.

Hope you want to hear it cause here it comes!

1/ Listening to encouraging Christian speakers

2/ Using this massager on my thighs:

3/ Using a heat pack on my neck and midsection. I actually find weight on my legs in particular useful.

4/ Writing for my blog.

5/ Researching a new idea.

6/ Sorting stock like craft for the shop where I work.

7/ And listening to Christian music as much as I can while doing these things and while going to sleep.

So some of these may sound strange to you but I can be a little strange at times. I’m also very introverted when feeling bogged down in my stressed state.

Hoping there maybe something different for you to try!

And I’ll be putting these things in my self care box!

Talk again soon

Bye from Sarai

I Need a Plan For my Bad Days!!!

What a day it’s been!

1/ Daughter in a crisis period in her life right now. (And she has every right to feel in crisis with what’s happened for her.)

2/ Another daughter needing assistants with car issues. So had to travel kilometres to fetch car, then get it back to her. Wanted to help her!

3/ Still having to do compulsory work hours for social security.

4/ The exciting thing is another daughter will be here tomorrow from interstate with her toddler daughter! Exciting yes, yet also stressful getting things ready for them.

Now I don’t know about you but here I am near the end of the day and all I want to do is take a pill and crawl into bed!

However I realised instead of tablet I’d have a coffee and tell you all about it!

Lucky you!!!!

Do I feel better? Actually yes I do!

Thanks for listening!

But I still need to make a plan for these days as I’m sure you don’t want to listen to my problems all the time!

For those of you who feel you could handle this sort of day no worries I can answer why I can’t.

I’ll reveal more of myself now! And that’s scary hey!!!!

The reason I gave up working with children was because I developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from an incident that happened. This was not the only traumatic incident in my time working with the kids but obviously the one that my mind said ‘this is enough’.

Now you know why I’m so passionate about your self care!!!!

Self Care When You Are An Extrovert

So, what have birds got to do with being an extrovert you ask?!!!!

All will be revealed as I go I promise!

Now to self care if you’re an extrovert. And an extrovert I am not!!! This makes it difficult for me to find ways for you as extroverts to look after yourselves!

Did you know there are 2 types of extroverts?

Now for the birds!!!

These people need people! They love a party! They are talkative and make friends easily.

Why a peacock? Cause they can be seen as ‘beautiful people’ or ‘showy’ people!

So if you’re a peacock the best way for you to build your spirits up is to catch up with your favourite people and talk, talk and talk some more!!!!

The eagle is strong, active, a born leader and an organiser!

Some can see them as bossy!

My suggestion for you would be to get people around you but for you it’s needs to be something you are in control of. And I don’t mean that in a bad way!

Maybe as simple as a game of soccer at the park and you organise the teams etc.

So having said all that we all have some introvert traits in us, so don’t forget to look at some of the general self care ideas.

I have saved lots of self care lists from different people on Pinterest so if you’re interested go look at

Students with Behaviour Problems on Pinterest.

See what ideas you as extroverts can come up with and let the rest of us know!

Bye for now,