Self Care – Building Relationships With the Students!

What has my relationship with students got to do with your self care?

Glad you asked!!!!

The better your relationship with the students hopefully the less issues you will have with them!!!

And this should bring you both to the point of smiles all round!

So how do we build this relationship?

  1. Always welcome them with a smile.
  2. Say hello, using their name.
  3. When their culture is different to yours find ways to acknowledge it. This could be to do with family’s race or religion.
  4. Discover their likes and dislikes-T.V. shows, sport, books, and other interests. Then try and find out little tidbits about these things.
  5. Search for their strengths-then give them encouragement in these areas. It may be they’re good at football-ask how their team played. If they won give them a high five. If they lost find a way to encourage better luck next time. If they keep loosing you may need to find another strength lol.
  6. When you begin a session with your students, especially a one on one time, take a few minutes and ask them how they are and how the day is going. This will need to be done with open ended questions otherwise you’ll only get a shrug. (We’ll look at this in more detail later).
  7. Make sure you actually listen to them. This is called ‘active listening’. (Again we’ll look at this in more detail later).

Hopefully these hints will make your job a bit easier and less stressful. Oh to go home with a smile on you face and a spring in you step!!!!


My Experience with an Angry Student!

Yes this does relate to self care!

‘Jack’ was not my first experience of angry children. After all I lived with one! I had a very angry daughter. However, this particular experience with ‘Jack’ was very traumatic!

I was on lunch duty with him and allowed myself to get distracted. During that couple of minutes ‘Jack’ decided to try and take over a game of baseball. A teacher, who ‘Jack’ didn’t know, intervened which meant a major meltdown!

I was left to try and calm the boy! At this point he threatened to hit me with the baseball bat. Thankfully I had developed a good relationship with him and was able to talk him down!!!

My main reason for telling you this is because it was traumatic being threatened with the bat and no guarantee he would put it down.

(Now for my criticism of the system at the time).

Did I receive any sort of debriefing- NO!

So what did I do for my ‘self care’?

  1. Went to Maccas for a quiet coffee.
  2. Watched rubbish on TV that night.
  3. Ate junk food.

Stuffed my feelings down so I could cope the next day. (Without ‘Jack’ there, I never saw him again).

Not the healthiest self care things to do!

In hindsight what could I have done?

  1. Coffee at Maccas has always been good for me to sit and debrief myself!
  2. Go for a walk or do some form of exercise to release my feelings!
  3. Have a bath with calming essential oils!
  4. Burn my candles!

I hope this has helped you see you need to find some simple self care things to do!

Tell me some of your stories by leaving me a comment!

Bye for now,