Behaviours You May Face


  1. Tantrums
  2. Sulking
  3. Running Away
  4. Fighting.
  5. Hurting Others – both students and staff
  6. Hiding under desks(Vector toons)
  7. Knocking over furniture
  8. Oppositional – refusal to do what asked
  9. Climbing trees
  10. Climbing on roof
  11. Screaming
  12. Hand over ears
  13. Can be compliant one day and oppositional the next
  14. Anger



With all these behaviours going on it can be very difficult for you and teachers to cope! 


KEEP CALM AT ALL TIMES!!!!garfield-1

Easier said than done I know! However, if you show your emotions are running high it makes their meltdown worse! Yes, I said meltdown not tantrum, there is a difference!

My emotions could be running crazy but I learnt not to show it. After all grown ups are always suppose to be okay as far as children are concerned!

I’m really dismayed when I hear stories of leadership yelling at students to do the right thing when they are in full meltdown mode! This only makes them feel worse as they feel they are being traumatised.

Later I will discuss the difference between the meltdown and tantrums.




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