Experience and Training

Hope you gained some insight into who I am from the last post. If you go to my About Me page you will see some more!

Thought it would be good to let you know what experience and training I have had!


  • Parent of children with behaviour concerns.
  • Six years working in South Australian primary schools, with students who had behaviour concerns, as a Teacher Assistant/SSO.
  • (freecraftunlimited)girl-desk2
  • Then another four years, still in South Australian primary schools, as a Pastoral Care Worker.
  • Then intertwined in these years I did some work for Dept. of Child Protection in South Australia as a ‘Tutor’. Which really meant trying to keep the students calm while in school.  Plus I was an unqualified Director for Out of School Hours Care for 12 months in one of the schools I worked in.
  • (Istockphoto.com)anxious boy


  • Counselling Theories
  • Peacewise -principles of dealing with conflict
  • ‘Play is the Way – a philosophy of self regulation
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder with Sue Larkey *
  • Responding to Conflict without being Overwhelmed *
  • Maslow’s Theory of Needs *
  • Responding to Critical Incident
  • Looking after Yourself as the Counsellor
  • Intro to Mental Health First Aid
  • Supporting Children with Learning Difficulties *
  • Mind Matters level one
  • How to Handle Students with ADHD *
  • Celebrating Connectiveness and Building Resilience
  • Basics of Asperger’s update*
  • SMART Training level 1&2*
  • Mentoring Skills*
  • Basic Skills in Counselling

Those with an asterisk I recommend for SSOs/TAs if at all possible.

The training above was done while I was a Pastoral Care Worker.  Some paid for by the school others by my employing body.

images training

Following are from my days as an SSO/TA.

  • Certificate in Life Coaching (I did this at my own expense)
  • Tactics in the Classroom for Students with Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, and ODD
  • John Joseph Brain Theory
  • Restorative Justice Foundations and Principles of Everyday Life
  • Attachment Theory
  • Box Full of Feelings
  • Promoting Positive Behaviour
  • Asperger’s and High Functioning Autism in the Mainstream Classroom
  • How to survive Challenging Behaviours in the Classroom
  • Kid’s in Crisis (This also done at my own expense)

On top of my training I found other resources such as:

  • The Book – Understanding ADHD by Dr Christopher Green
  • Kids Matter (SA)
  • Special Education Resource Unit (SA)
  • Taming Anger (South Australian Education Dept.)

I’m sure there are other resources about that would be helpful too!

Hope this gives you enough confidence in my skills and knowledge to come back and see what I have to offer in my future posts.

Talk to you again soon!




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