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Self Care During the Summer Holidays

I’m told it’s summer break in the Northern Hemisphere. While I am freezing in Australia you have great weather, plus holidays as well!!

So what are you going to do with your holidays?

Do you have a wonderful time away planned? Maybe some day trips?

What about catching up on the housework? (I confess that’s what I used to do with my 2 weeks off!)

But you have much more time than that I hear!

Do you think you need some self care during holidays? I think so!

From everything I read apparently for extroverts it’s all about fun, fun and friends. Or at least people!

Can I just suggest you choose carefully the people you choose for this cause even the most positive extroverts can get dragged down by negative people. And I’m sure you get enough of that at school!

It’s holiday time and you want to forget the troubles of work for awhile!

To the introverts – keep this in mind too! As introverts we often have a tendency to see the glass half empty!

So as much as we need to have time to talk about our concerns we also need enjoyment!

I could make lists of things to do, but you can get all that on Pinterest if you’re interested!

So you get to read the story of my daughter’s holiday in the USA!

This isn’t a story just for those having summer holidays but also for those down in Australia who will soon have 2 to 3 weeks holidays!

ANNE’S HOLIDAY (name changed for her privacy)

Off to the USA for a month!

Anne spent the first 2 weeks with her father and family! He lives on a lake and has a boat! Nice country atmosphere. To start with she just lazed around a fair bit. Joined his friends at a ‘brunch’ in his backyard. Lounged on the balcony come verenda at the back of his place, looking over the lake. (Those in the south of the world remember it was roughly mid 30 degrees Celsius each day).

img_0450(not the actual lake Anne stayed at)

However, I don’t want to focus on this part of her trip so much!

It’s the part where she visits Paige that I really want to talk about!

Why is this important?

Because Paige is a principal/teacher! I know it’s not the same as a teaching assistant, but bare with me please.

So, Anne had 2 weeks with Paige. The first week saw Paige still working, even though she had been on summer break for a little while already. They did do some eating out and a little bit of local tourist stuff.

Then the second week was set aside for proper site seeing! Over the week they visited 3 or 4 different states! This in itself is amazing to me as that’s not possible here in Australia! We’re spread too far apart. Mind you one place was a 7 hour drive for them!

They got to see beautiful countryside :-

They also did the city tourist attractions:-

And of course there was the night life! They went to a ‘pub’ concert, and found other things to do with their evenings in a similar vein!

(Please remember none of these images are actually Anne’s photos. I needed to protect the ladies privacy)

So here we have Anne who can seem like an extrovert but needs time to herself! Then we have Paige who is an all out extrovert!

However, they both found the tranquility of the scenery soothing and the city highlights and nightlife exhilarating!

After the week of driving and touring Paige felt as if she had had her first holiday in 3 years.

She has up to 3 months for holidays yet it only took a week for her to be more relaxed and refreshed!

And I’m sure whether you are in Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere I’m sure you can find things to do. And you don’t have to go far. As I think I’ve said before look up the tourist things in your area and take some road trips. This could be with one friend or a group but get out and about!

This is an important part of self care and work/life balance! And I’m talking to myself as well in this!

Hope you’re having a great holiday up there in Northern Hemisphere and some here in Australia already. To South Australia only a few more days and then it’s your turn!

I’d love to hear what you’re doing to relax and recuperate!

You can contact me through my Facebook page or email:


Bye for now!!!πŸ˜€

Self Care – Building Relationships With the Students!

What has my relationship with students got to do with your self care?

Glad you asked!!!!

The better your relationship with the students hopefully the less issues you will have with them!!!

And this should bring you both to the point of smiles all round!

So how do we build this relationship?

  1. Always welcome them with a smile.
  2. Say hello, using their name.
  3. When their culture is different to yours find ways to acknowledge it. This could be to do with family’s race or religion.
  4. Discover their likes and dislikes-T.V. shows, sport, books, and other interests. Then try and find out little tidbits about these things.
  5. Search for their strengths-then give them encouragement in these areas. It may be they’re good at football-ask how their team played. If they won give them a high five. If they lost find a way to encourage better luck next time. If they keep loosing you may need to find another strength lol.
  6. When you begin a session with your students, especially a one on one time, take a few minutes and ask them how they are and how the day is going. This will need to be done with open ended questions otherwise you’ll only get a shrug. (We’ll look at this in more detail later).
  7. Make sure you actually listen to them. This is called ‘active listening’. (Again we’ll look at this in more detail later).

Hopefully these hints will make your job a bit easier and less stressful. Oh to go home with a smile on you face and a spring in you step!!!!

πŸ€ πŸ˜ΊπŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»